The Bag Essentials: Easy Vacation Packing Tips

From travel wardrobe basic to super practical tools and ideas, our club knows that every traveler needs a little help on this topic.

We’ve decided to make a list of easy vacation packing tips based on this expert’s opinion to make sure your trip planning is perfect from the start. Pack light, pack easy!

The essentials

Try to think practical and always keep the basics in your backpack:
Don’t forget earplugs
Your basic medicines
A light scarf is essential since it’s good for cold, to cover up and even to sit on
Lip balm
Panty liners (sorry guys…)

Smart solutions

Never forget to pack a few plastic bags. They’re useful to keep your dirty washing separate from your other clothes; they are also great to storing souvenirs, swiping food for lunch, placing dirty shoes, or just keeping your bag organized. A good suggestion is to carry a huge garbage bag in case you’ll need to protect your backpack in raining days.

It’s a good idea to carry an individual country plug adapter or a universal adapter. Remember that not all adapters work in all countries. Do your research.

We also consider that a USB key is important for travelers that, for whatever reason, cannot disconnect from work during travel: you can use it to keep copies of your important papers or to carry your documents if you don’t want to take a laptop.

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