Don’t Let Your Miles Go To Waste

If you haven’t signed up for the rewards programs with the three major air alliances, you are missing out on exclusive deals and (nearly) free flights. You may receive emails with special offers that you would not otherwise have access to. Some credit cards allow you to earn points on everyday purchases and transfer the points over to an airline reward program. When booking a flight with points, you can pay as little as $5.60 (the mandatory tax)!

These rewards programs are like Android and Apple, they aren’t meant to work together. So it’s a good idea to be a member of all programs and just earn points as you are able to. If you travel, at least sign-up. Due to the many differences, it’s also important that you understand the rules of each program and/or credit card promotion individually.

You should register for the reward program that belongs to the airline in your home region. We’ve listed the three major air alliances and their corresponding programs for North America.

Star AllianceUnited
OneworldAmerican Airlines


If you are not from the US and need to know which programs to join, we recommend seeing which airlines in each alliance have the most flights from your nearest airport, or going with the airlines you fly with most.

We hope this helps put you on the right path towards earning some miles! Let us know if you’d be interested in more blog posts on ways to earn miles or how to use them.

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