Evelyn + Jouelzy are hosting our Northern Thailand trip

From November 20 to 28 we’re headed to Northern Thailand: Chiang Mai + Bangkok

We’re so excited to see the majesty of the rainforest by zipline and gather some insights through an open, stimulating conversation with Buddhist Monks and the beautiful diversity of Bangkok culture and cuisine.

On top of our great itinerary, we are boosting our group travel experience

Evelyn from the Internets + Jouelzy have signed up as the trip’s guest hostesses.

Evelyn is a funny and smart storyteller and vlogger — Those of you who enjoyed Beyonce’s Formation tour might recognize her.

Jouelzy is an awesome writer, author, and vlogger for current cultural topics that impact women of color.

They’ll be doing a great workshop to share tools on how to stay woke and happy.

Check out their trip announcement videos! and let us know what you think on the comments below!

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