How to Get Insta-Perfect Travel Photos

For many people, where and how they decide to travel has been inspired by the perfectly curated travel photos that they find on Instagram. But for whatever reason, when they travel themselves, they are disappointed because the photos they end up with just don’t compare! Sound familiar?

Follow these tips to learn how to capture some “Insta-Perfect“ travel photos of your own.

Tip #1

Find the main attractions, picture yourself in the image, then pack accordingly.

When we’re packing for a trip it’s common to think about the weather and the types of activities we will be doing. But it’s easy to forget to pack for photos. When we are in a rush, throwing a few pairs of yoga pants in the bag seems like the easiest solution. Yoga pants may be great, comfortable, and versatile. But sometimes it’s the outfit that makes a great travel photo. Have a glance at your itinerary, envision where you will be, and select an outfit that compliments the scene.

Tip #2

Get shots in unique locations, not just the standard photo-ops.

How many times have we seen the same photo of someone in Bali, between those two pillars, with water reflecting the scene, in a place commonly known as the Gates of Heaven? If you have this photo, don’t feel attacked, feel inspired. You’ve gone somewhere amazing! Most likely, somewhere that no one you know personally has ventured. Why take the same photo as everyone else? Show off the architecture, the local cuisine, the exotic plants or animals that locals find quite ordinary! There are so many opportunities to capture the same mood, but with a more unique setting.

Tip #3

Embrace the culture (where appropriate) by trying the traditional wear and other local touches.

In places where it’s acceptable to wear the traditional clothing and adornments, don’t be afraid to try some on. Support a local shop, henna artist, hairstyler, or designer. Embracing the local culture easily adds that little extra something to any travel photo!

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