Make Your Next Vacation Unforgettable

It’s one thing to go on a vacation, but I want to share some tips on how to make a vacation unforgettable! I wish I did some of this earlier in my travels because I know there are so many details my memory just couldn’t hold on to. Of course, it makes a good excuse to return to a destination… but these tips will help you get the most out of your trip the first time!

Send Postcards. This is one of those things that was so cheesy for so long, people stopped doing it, so it’s almost new again! There is something so nostalgic about receiving a postcard in the mail. The international stamp serves as a reminder of how far the card (and you) had to travel. The note to yourself will always remind of exactly who you were at that moment. Just remember to include the date!

Do something unique to the destination. Once-in-a-lifetime truly means doing something that most people may only the opportunity to do once. Take advantage of the destination and try something only offered in that corner of the world. It could be super-daring, like swimming with sharks in the Philippines, or super-chill, like trying a caipirinha in Brazil. Whatever your thrill level, make sure it’s unique.

Trade. This one was adapted from my brother. During his travels, he keeps a cheap, small, and disposable item from home on him (maybe a scarf, bottle opener, key chain, bracelet). On every trip, he finds the opportunity to make an exchange with a local — his random item from home one of for theirs. I personally thought this was really weird until I realized, the traded foreign items are just as cheap and disposable to them as our items are to us. Both parties get this unique, rare item for essentially nothing! Not to mention, you’ve now got a great travel story.

Take lots of pictures. Photos help you remember details, places, stories, and people. Have a good system for storing photos so they aren’t stuck in your camera. Review the pictures occasionally to take you back to those great times!

Connect. A place is nothing without its people. Connect with the people, that’s what you will remember the most! Try and learn names. Ask people about their lives. Get an understanding of how the people think. What are their perceptions of you or your culture? What’s their outlook on life? These are the voices that will stay with you and echo each time you recall the destination.

These tips will have you well on the way to an unforgettable vacation! Happy Travels!

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