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We believe we’re all connected.

Travel lets us engage with that connection through genuine, meaningful, and life-changing experiences. Our trips encourage peer interaction and give the opportunity for cultural exchange. It’s the One Love way.

We aim to schedule the best destinations in premium times of the year.

Our trips are announced with enough time to let you pay in comfortable installments and plan ahead for the best flight options.

Lodging and transportation is selected according to the energy we want to create for the trip, always ensuring comfortable transportation, safety and leisure options nearby selected lodging.

Giving back to the communities that hosts us is a core activity of our trips, which is why we collaborate with local NGO’s and other organizations to select projects that allow us to have a positive impact wherever we go.

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We love the energy guest hosts bring to our trips. By encouraging the group, sharing knowledge and expertise, and joining experiences, we are truly able to create an environment of growth, discovery, and adventure.

One Love Travel Club trips are never short of insights that may help you develop or improve an area of your life, and get to know some of your favorite people while at it!

Sky is the limit!

Don’t hold off on travel. We make it safe, affordable and FUN. Discover your world with freedom. Join the club now and get the details for our next adventures!