6 Wardrobe Essentials That Will Get You Through Your Trip to Kenya

Kenya has made many people’s “must see” list of countries… and rightfully so! The wildlife, culture, and natural beauty is enough to draw in anyone. Whether you’re visiting a safari, or chilling out on a white sand beach, these 6 wardrobe essentials are sure to get you through your trip!

1. Sunglasses – Yes, it is important to shade yourself. The Sub-Saharan sun can be pretty brutal. Plus, a pair of shades can protect you from dust in your eyes on game drives. Some people wear shades all of the time, so this one will be easy for you. But if it’s something you don’t normally wear, you should definitely consider adding this to your packing list!

2. Neutral tone items – Speaking of game drives, it’s important to have neutral tone clothing when game viewing. You don’t have to go all out and wear camouflage. But it is advised to stay away from bright colors, and wear browns and tans while on the safari.

3. Good shoes – DO NOT get caught in a foreign country, especially Kenya, without a good pair of shoes! Maybe you want to explore the urban dirt roads in Nairobi or Mombasa, visit a tribal village in one of the rural areas, walk the ocean floor, or a have a close encounter with wildlife at an animal sanctuary set in mud. There is much to see in Kenya! Think about the type of adventures you want experience, and then consider the types of shoes you’ll need to do so.

4. A good jacket – While it gets hot in Kenya, on those early mornings and late evenings, the temperature can get pretty cool. When you’re on a game drive, you want to focus on the miraculous circle of life in front of you, not what time you’ll be getting back to lodge because it’s way too chilly and you can’t take it. 

5. Light, comfortable attire – For hot climates, it’s better to wear light and comfortable clothes that can be layered. Make sure to wear breathable fabrics so you don’t feel sticky if you start to sweat.

6. Swim suits – Pack a few swim suit options for the amazing beaches and if your hotel or lodge has a pool. 

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