One Love For everyone: 4 Simple steps to be a generous person

At One Love Travel Club, we give from the heart. Not because it sounds good, and not because it looks good. We believe that generosity towards others can help bring peace to oneself. Generosity has the ability to shift realities for both the giving and receiving ends. . You are transformed in a sense. It may sound crazy, or a little weird, but we see this transformation all of the time. It’s one of the highlights of every trip!

While not on special occasions like travel, you can still light your life and your community by in integrating generosity as a consistent personal practice, tuning yourself to feelings of gratitude, abundance and your own power to make a difference in the world. Here’s 4 ways to embrace living generously in everyday life:

1. Living with less: Trying to have a more minimalistic lifestyle.

Try to decide living with fewer possessions. Of course, this might look hard and it won’t automatically make you a more generous person; however, with a little honest effort it’ll provide the space necessary to make it possible. Decide spending less money on things at the stores, for example, you’ll have more time and energy to help others. And, the most important: the intentionality that comes to your life will help you discover the need for generosity.

2. Always grateful: Think more about what you possess and less in what you don’t.

The most important step to take to become more generous is to spend more time thinking about what you have and less time thinking about what you don’t. You may be surprised just how good you have it and become more apt to share.

3. Giving today: Don’t wait to see how much you have left; see how much you can give today.

Did you already receive your paycheck? Try making your first expense an act of giving right now. The problem is that most of the time after we start spending, there is nothing left over. Try giving at least 10 dollars as a volunteering act every month; you’ll be surprised how you won’t even miss it.

4. Starting by little: Not everything is about money.

Sometimes generosity is a smile or a compliment. Try to smile to your neighbors, say good morning to someone you normally wouldn’t just because you were in a hurry. Stop and notice good attributes in those around you and make an effort to recognize them for it very often.

Many opportunities for generosity surround us every day at every corner. Don’t miss these chances and embrace the opportunity of being a happier, healthier and better person to share great moments and experiences with your friends, colleagues, family.

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